Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st - Julie Sandlau

Christmas is near – YAY! I love December with all its Christmassy wonders. Milan lights up like a Christmas tree, so it does not matter that it is cold and dark. Even in the fog (which is typical for Milan) the lights make everything bright and help the holiday spirit along. I have got a candle that counts the days until Christmas – it is apparently a very Danish tradition (Thanks Annette for bringing it from Denmark!).

When I was a child my mother would make a Christmas calendar that had a present for us every day till Dec 24th in Danish it is called a “pakkekalender”.  It was fantastically magical to wake up excited to see what was in today’s present. Unfortunately I am no longer a child and hence do not get a present every day of December. Nevertheless I am going to pretend and throughout December I will post something that I would love to be giving for “pakkekalender”. It is never too late to be childish – especially around Christmas ;-).  
Today I would love to unpack these earrings from the Danish designer Julie Sandlau.
Photos via and by Helene Lissau Christensen

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