Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Big Merge

 I have decided to join forces with myself and consolidate my blog business. As decision-making often is easier than the technical challenges (for me anyways) I will spend the coming days figuring out that part!

In the future it is my plan to post on SeenByLissau and share it on CustomizeYourExperience blog as well. It might not only be about Milan, but naturally Milan will play a central role, as it is my hometown these days. However, I will not refrain from sharing other experiences that are SeenByLissau other places I may find myself ;-)

As you may have noticed by now I do like fashion, but I also love traveling, running, yoga, dogs, sunshine, taking pictures and so much more of what life has to offer. I suspect that the blog will reflect a little bit of everything, as does life in general!

I do hope that you will check in once in a while, comment if you feel like it and enjoy some of the things I share with the world.

Please go to www.customizeyourexperience.dk and have a look - the website is still going strong! 


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